ME, system restore - and a virus

  Mr Beaujangles 20:01 30 Apr 03

Hi Folks,
Been a while since my last visit.
My o/s is windows me, and I use AVG as my anti-virus shield. Just been hit by something called JS/SEEKER which, according to Symantec, alters my IE settings. I've isolated it in the virus vault on AVG but I know I have to turn off system restore to fully get rid of this. Problem is - I have forgotten how to turn restore off! I know, I know, something as basic as that and I have forgotten how to do it!

C'mon folks, a wee helping hand here please{:-{

Mr Beaujangles

  spikeychris 20:08 30 Apr 03

Right click on "My Computer"

Choose "Properties"

Go to the "Performance"-tab

Click on the "File System..."-button

Go to the "Trouble Shooting"-tab

Check the box at "Disable System Restore"

Click "OK" and "OK" again


  Mr Beaujangles 20:41 30 Apr 03

Thanks Chris, 7 minutes to respond - that will take some beating!

I was really embarrased about forgetting how to do that but, the system is now clean and working as good as it can with ME on board.
Thanks a lot mate,


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