Is ME a pig

  The Paul 21:26 06 Oct 03

I've recently bought a new system. AMD 2400, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB H/D, CDRW and DVD ROM. The system is excellent and cost was excellent - £580 incl 17 screen and other bits and bobs.

Problem, is that it is loaded with WinME which appears to be very unstable. I have Office 2000, Dreamweaver MX, Photoshop 5.5 and several drivers for hardware. All of this was running quite well on my old Win98 SE system. With the new job, I get freeze time often. Reboot and its fine. It just locks up once, twice three times or more a day. It seems to be when there are 2,3 or 4 apps open. say IE6, Photoshop and MusicMatch Jukebox (twice today).

I keep reading that ME is a bit of a pig and conflicts with many software apps and drivers. If this is so, do I take the hit and get XP?

If its not all down to ME, I can reformat and start all over again. Cheers - Paul

  JFT 21:28 06 Oct 03

I would get XP, it is much more stable.

  dave h 21:53 06 Oct 03

I ran Me for two years with minimal problems, in fact it's still running now on my old computer, but I don't use it often.
I would agree with JFT that XP is more stable, but I was fine with Me.

  dave h 21:55 06 Oct 03

Further to the above Mine was running with a pentium but I often had several programs running at the same time without any freezes

  VoG II 22:05 06 Oct 03

When I had ME I had random lock-ups all the time.

I upgraded to XP (over the top, contrary to all the conventional wisdom) and the lock-ups stopped.

Just have to attend to other users problems now!

  The Paul 22:07 06 Oct 03

This is what I expected to hear. Why though is ME causing these problems and is it possible to sort out ME before I spend any more money

  krypt1c 22:09 06 Oct 03

I have two PC's - W2K on one & ME on the other. No problems whatsover with W2K, but have had lots of system hangs, bsod, etc. Re-installed from scratch numerous occasions. Have now bought XP upgrade to install on W2K m/c, will then install W2K on ME m/c

  mammak 22:14 06 Oct 03

The Paul, never as much as saw "ME" in action, but have worked on a 95, have an 98se, upstair,s
that was meant for my 6 yr old, when we got the xp pro, she wont touch it now, she uses the xp, so the 98se is going to my 18 yr old,(that,s recently set up in her own flat)wouldnt, couldnt go back after xp, it,s out standing, after the ("blue screens with 98se")xp is a very stable system, and of course till you get used to it you will be able to switch to , classic veiw, you might feel at home then, for a while, then switch back, and enjoy. regard,s Mammak

  woodchip 22:15 06 Oct 03

Format the Drive and put all your own software on including 98. That's what I would do

  Simon_P 22:16 06 Oct 03

Dont think you will have much joy with it!

ME was sorted and they call it XP.

I have been running XP for about 18 months NO problens at all.

Except the odd "user error"

  The Paul 22:56 06 Oct 03

General concensus is XP. I still wonder why ME was so problematic although I'd be very old by the time I'd figured it out.

Any more tips - please feel free to shoot. In the meantime, I'll price an XP upgrade then.

Cheers folks

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