me again! 08:08 07 Sep 06

hello again, i have norton security installed and have ad awarese installed too, norton seems to run the odd scan on its own but ad aware just sits there, is it doing anyting and how aften should i run a smart or full system scan? thanks

  lisa02 08:29 07 Sep 06

As it's the free version it will just sit there until your run it.

I run it once every other week.

  Jackcoms 10:41 07 Sep 06

And don't forget to update its definitions before running a scan

  anskyber 12:19 07 Sep 06

I did a full scan when I first used AdAware after that I have used smart scan about every other week.

  Strawballs 12:22 07 Sep 06

It pays to run a full scan every other time because I have run a smart scan which has found nothing then a full scan which has found a couple. 13:26 07 Sep 06

thanks all

  wee eddie 16:35 07 Sep 06

As a Thread Header "me again" leaves something to be desired. 17:39 07 Sep 06

thanks again all, will think harder about next header as it seems to offend some!

  Jackcoms 18:08 07 Sep 06

It's not a case of 'offending' people.

If you'd bothered to read the Forum Rules click here you'll see (under Forum Terminology; Thread) that you are expected to give a title to your thread which actually describes your problem.

  terryf 20:33 07 Sep 06

adman 2
You may find that your thread is ignored, it is a bit like advertising, you need to catch peoples attention when they see the appropriate heading and think 'oh I know something about that' or 'I wonder if that is like the problem I had'. Hope you take this advice from wee eddie and me in the spirit is is given, not carping but trying to be helpful 23:01 07 Sep 06

no probs thanks once again for help, as i said im new to this and do it as a hobby, for enjoyment!

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