McAfee Warning

  tonyq 10:21 11 Mar 11

Hi All,
I was about to place an order with Amazon, when the following appeared on screen.
click here

Can anyone shed any light on as to what to do.
It looks as if it as some connection with AVG but not sure.
I don't have AVG security installed,only McAfee.
Thanks in advance.

  MAJ 10:27 11 Mar 11

It appears to be Malware, do not allow access and have McAfee deal with it. Also run a full scan with Mbam click here just to be sure.

  MAJ 10:53 11 Mar 11

Further investigation suggests that "xqr.exe" could be a fake anti-virus product, so you certainly don't want to allow it access, tonyq. Do your full scans with McAfee and Mbam, they should deal with it. I would also download, install and run Ccleaner click here , it will clear out your Temp and Temp Internet files.

  spuds 10:58 11 Mar 11

I have just had a quick look to see if there is anything on the internet about this particular warning, and so far nothing.

I have the McAfee Security Suite installed, and on odd occasions I have similar warning messages. Just inform McAfee, and let them see if its a positive-negative.

Might pay to run a simple security check for malaware, to ease your concerns.

  tonyq 11:17 11 Mar 11

Is it O.K. to run a security check with Mcafee and Mbam at the same time?

  MAJ 11:27 11 Mar 11

No, one after th'other, tonyq, just in case they conflict with eachother during the scans, it will probably take a couple of hours to do both scans.

  tonyq 11:31 11 Mar 11

am doing a full scan with Mbam at the moment and it as found 3 infected objects already.

  MAJ 11:35 11 Mar 11

Keep us updated, tonyq.

  tonyq 15:07 11 Mar 11

The scan with Mbam found a few files and quarantined them. Below is the link to the result of the scan.
click here

I then did a full scan with Mcafee which found nothing.So hopefully everything should be O.K.
I wouldn't mind but I often scan using Mbam and Mcafee but in Quick Scan mode,which finds nothing.

  MAJ 15:25 11 Mar 11

Mbam has done it's thing, tonyq. Reboot to complete the process, then run Ccleaner, set it to delete your Temp and Temp Internet Files. If you have System Restore turned on, then turn it off to delete any possibly infected Restore Points. Turn on System Restore again to create a new, clean Restore Point. You should be okay then.

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