Mcafee Virus DAT Update causes

  JohnnyBoy 20:22 02 Jul 04

Just updated my DAT files via Mcafee and upon rebooting the system I received the error message AVSYNMGR caused an invalid page fault in McScan32.DLL at 0167:12014c32. Also this alternates with VSmain has caused an error in mcscan32.dll. The VS system shuts down and every attempt to restart it comes up with the same error msg.

I have tried a sys restore but this does not cure the problem.

Is there a workaround for this ?

  Old Shep 22:36 02 Jul 04

Have you tried e.mailing Mcafee withyour problem.I have in the past and found them very good at replying.

  JohnnyBoy 00:42 03 Jul 04

The say that my version is an unsupported product now as its too old. Running version 5.21 with latest engine.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:54 03 Jul 04

do you have XP? have you tried running under compatability mode?

  JohnnyBoy 01:00 03 Jul 04

Ive just this minute sorted this out, it seems I didnt have the latest engine installed, for some reason the superdat faciltity was missed on my autoupdates.

Thanks for the replies anyway guys.

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