McAfee v Chrome confliction re firewall

  onthelimit1 17:41 PM 12 Jun 12

Have a laptop whose owner had been having problems with IE. Have installed Google Chrome to see if she prefers it BUT when I try to open Chrome, get a message 'unable to access the network - error 138' and suggests 'add Chrome as a permitted prog to your firewall or antivirus settings'.

When I open McAfee, the home page shows firewall on. When I click settings, the firewall page shows firewall off, and clicking 'turn on briefly changes it to on, then goes off again! windows firewall says it's off and being managed by McAfee.

Never had this problem with Chrome or McaFee before - any ideas?

  onthelimit1 19:39 PM 12 Jun 12

Turned out to be a corrupt McAfee installation - uninstalled, ran the additional uninstall tool, then downloaded a fresh copy. All OK now.

As an aside, the problems with IE turned out to be the dreaded Trusteer Rapport, that's given me so much grief over the last year or two.


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