McAfee Suite Problem following IE7

  SURVEY 09:33 15 Jan 07

A friend of mine has asked me to help her with her Mcafee installation. She has a section on this I believe entitled Privacy and since upgrading to IE7 she has had a message pop up on start-up informing her that this section is not working properly.

I have rolled back her computer to IE6 but the message now persists. Does the Mcafee disc include a repair option? Can one remove and reinstall just that part of the Mcafee suite?

Anyone else experienced this problem?

  mymate 09:44 15 Jan 07

Have you tried installing McAfee again after you have IE7 already installed ?
Think i would run Ccleaner after install to get rid of all the bits,then install again

  SURVEY 09:51 15 Jan 07

mymate - yes a comlpete reinstall would no doubt be the answer. However I did just wonder that as the problem is only with a single component whether there was a simpler solution.

I am sure that this problem must have arisen with others installing IE7. The McAfee website mentions other problems with IE7 but not this specific one.

  mymate 10:06 15 Jan 07

have a look on Google,i think its the pop up blocker on IE7

  SURVEY 10:15 15 Jan 07

mymate - I have now rolled her computer back to IE6 and the problem still persists.

  mymate 10:23 15 Jan 07

Ok, Does McAfee not have their own forum ? i shouldnt think she is the only one have this problem !
The clever guys will be on this forum later,they might help you.

  mymate 10:30 15 Jan 07

click here
Have a look here,read the guys problem and what he did

  SURVEY 10:43 15 Jan 07

mymate - thanks. Read your link; most helpful and will give it a try.

  SURVEY 12:42 15 Jan 07

Just been to see my friend and of course the start-up message is not now appearing. Her McAfee scren infoms me that all McAfee services including the Privacy Service are protecting her computer with no references to errors.

I have shut down and restarted her computer several times this morning without the fault appearing again. No doubt now that I have left her, it will reappear!!

This is obviously an intermittent fault - always difficult to trace.

  johnem 13:41 15 Jan 07

It could be that the latest Mcafee updates have corrected a previous problem.

  SURVEY 13:49 15 Jan 07

johnem - that is exactly what I told my friend and just hope that is the case!

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