McAfee or Trend Micro

  mattyc_92 20:32 27 Jun 05

Ok, first of all sorry for the "double post". I have created another thread as the other wasn't labelled clearly...

OK then.... What so you gays think is the best? McAfee Internet Security or Trend Micro Internet Security?

Thanks in advance.

  VoG II 20:40 27 Jun 05

I think that you are going to have a problem with these questions because I doubt that many readers have experience with both McAfee and Trend.

It is different if you ask the same about e.g. AVG vs. Avast because, as they are free, lots of people will have tried both out.

For what it is worth I have McAfee on here and it has never let me down, is easy to configure and non-intrusive (except when a website is trying to plant a trojan etc. - even then the alerts are manageable, unlike NIS).

  big bloke66 20:43 27 Jun 05

Well im not gay but my vote would be mcafee. i have used it for a year now and found it very good.

Having said that there are some good free anti virus programs about.

one mans food is another mans poison.

  mattyc_92 20:44 27 Jun 05

Opps..... should be Guys, not gays.... SORRY....

  mattyc_92 20:46 27 Jun 05

I am thinking of going for McAfee as it is cheaper (and I know that I can get it in a store, rather than from the net...

Sorry again about the typo in the opening thread....

  mike1967 20:46 27 Jun 05

I use mcafee virus scan and firewall no problems with both

  DieSse 20:49 27 Jun 05

NOD32 click here

Faster, better, less resources eaten up, a yearly fee covers ALL version updates as well as virus pattern updates, hourly update checks, now certified against Adware, Spyware, Trojans (as well as viruses, of course!!), fast transparent updates - the very model of a good AV, and definately, definately NOT bloatware.

You will need a seperate firewall, such as Sygate, Outpost or similar- Mine works fine with Sygate personal (free).

  VoG II 20:50 27 Jun 05

Just for the record I an a gUy - missed that.

I use the version downloaded from the net but I doubt there's much if any difference.

It updates itself fairly frequently by the way.

  Forum Editor 22:23 27 Jun 05

to point out the 'guy' error. I don't have time to edit individual threads, so it stays - but no attempts at humour please.

  cymbo 23:51 27 Jun 05

VoG™, I am new to the forum and I note your comment regarding McAfee. I have had a look at other postings on Anti Virus and am I right that you have recommended AVG as a good product.

  cymbo 23:55 27 Jun 05

VoG™, Hope don't mind, but I used copy and paste for your name. How do I make it emboldened.

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