McAfee Firewall

I would like to know whether this product offers better protection than the XP firewall, which I currently have enabled.

Game are selling the latest version for £12.99 and at this price, I am tempted but only if it does a better job than the Windows XP firewall.

The one concern I have is whether there may be some sort of conflict with NAV although I do someone who has both products installed on the same machine without any problems.

  -pops- 10:04 30 Mar 03

Even if you don't like/want the XP firewall, there is no need to pay for a McAfee one. There are plenty of freebies around as a quick scan of the Links section of this site will show you.

Personally, I use Agnitum Outpost - I can't fault it at all. It sits in the background quietly doing its job and only ever makes itself known when it has a problem which requires your decision.


  VoG™ 10:37 30 Mar 03

McAfee is definitely better than XP's own which only monitors incoming traffic. I have it and it is simple to use and inobtrusive.

Still, as -pops- says, there is actually no need to pay for a firewall if you don't want to.

  Tesla 17:55 30 Mar 03

Hi JamesF,i bought McAfee v4 from Game yesterday and it sits alongside Norton AV '03,obvously 24 hours isn't an awful long time but prior to that i ran v3 without any probs.If you do get it there is an update to download straight away,think it was about 5meg in 4 parts.


  -pops- 18:25 30 Mar 03

If you go ahead with this purchase, make sure it isn't a time limited version. Some months ago, one company was doing a special deal with all sorts of things bundled together and it wasn't until you had bought and installed it was it revealed that the important things (A/V and firewall) were six month trials.

I still can't see why you want to pay money out though. The free items mentioned do the job - what more can you ask of them?


Thanks for replies.

I am aware that there are free donwloads available but I have been put off by the number of problmes that people have encounterd with Zone Alarm, although I haven't seen many posts recently on this subject.

Have the problems been ironed out or are there better alternatives available for free which are less problematic.

  MPete 23:11 30 Mar 03

The problem with Zone Alarm people do not understand is there is two programs running and they try to upgrade it forgetting to turn off the other modual so cause it's running it never gets replaced. That would be the TrueVector engine part.It's a bug but it's the way it is. Uninstalling Zone Alarm then upgrading is the only way to do it.

It's a excellent freewall and it's free. You'll have a hard time getting hacked with that one.

I've never had problems with it, It's worked for mew just fine.

  Belatucadrus 00:18 31 Mar 03

If you are concerned about Zone Alarm have a look at Kerio Personal Firewall 2 click here it's one of the best you can get, is a full version, not a cut down variant of the commercial product. and you can download a pretty good users manual if you want. I used it on the old W95 PC and it's currently doing the job on the new XP gizmo.

  -pops- 06:54 31 Mar 03

Don't forget there is also the Outpost firewall (which I use, as above) as well. You are not obliged to use Zone Alarm.


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