McAfee - Don't Bother

  Mike@#36 13:15 18 Nov 04

To all who are considering McAfee - don't bother.
I've had so much trouble with them you would not believe. I am now out of pocket for 12 months licence and have NO licence. They also refuse to act on refund requests etc.....

Do yourself a favour and use another AV co.

  xania 13:19 18 Nov 04

When Dr Solomons closed down, I tried Mcafee for a year - had so many problems trying to sort out licensing and getting downloads I gave up after 3 months and have been with Norton ever since. Thayt must have been at least 5 years ago - you can't teach an old dog new tricks.....

  Jackcoms 13:19 18 Nov 04

"Do yourself a favour and use another AV co."

Such as??

  mark3110 13:25 18 Nov 04

Nortons if you want to Pay. AVG if you dont!!

  Cook2 13:33 18 Nov 04

click here it's free and you can set it to update itself and it's virus definitions.

  Grouse ® 14:48 18 Nov 04

NOD32 is the here

  lufc1953 15:27 18 Nov 04

Using mcafee enterprise 7 updates ok in fact its one of the best av i've used beats norton hands down, would'nt ever go back to norton no way as good as it use to be.


  Forum Editor 16:50 18 Nov 04

but tens of thousands haven't, and there's little justification for warning people off a major software supplier on the basis of one bad experience. We prefer to take a more balanced view, and although you're obviously somewhat irritated by your experience I can't say that we see floods of similar complaints - in fact we see very few threads regarding problems with McAfee .

  CurlyWhirly 17:03 18 Nov 04

I have to agree with Forum Editor sorry.
I am in my second year of using McAfee VirusScan as I upgraded a few months ago from VirusScan 7 to VirusScan 8.
I am glad to say that I have had NO major problems so far (touchwood!)

  TomJerry 17:10 18 Nov 04

you can read a lot of positive lab testing and comparision.

  VoG II 17:11 18 Nov 04

I agree with Forum Editor and CurlyWhirly. I have been using McAfee VirusScan for several years without problems.

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