mcafee and ?

  linnie2 09:43 26 Nov 07

Hi all
I have just signed up with sky broadband, and I set this up with the free mcafee security package that came with sky. Is this security software enough or could i run another security program along side mcafee. I did use zone alarm and AVG in the past.What would you recommend i do? stay with mcafee only, or add extra security with zone alarm and avg.
thank you

  johnnyrocker 09:55 26 Nov 07

it depends on what it carries, it is certainly besst to have only 1 av poss a firewall? and maybe some of the best reccommended anti spyware, as i say it would help if you could advise the contents of your security suite.


  MAJ 09:58 26 Nov 07

You don't want to run two firewalls or two antivirus products at the same time on the same computer. I'm assuming McAfee is the fyll suite. Choose whichever one you want, McAfee, AVG, Avast, etc. and also install 'Spywareblaster', 'Adaware' and 'Spybot Search and Destroy' as your antispyware protection. There are a few others as well, if you wish.

  linnie2 10:10 26 Nov 07

Thanks for your quick reply jonny,
the security suite has all i need( i think) firewall,spyware protection,virus protection ect ect but having not used mcafee before i am worried if its up to the job, as i have been lucky enough in the past to never of had any security problems using zonealarm and avg.

  johnnyrocker 10:14 26 Nov 07

mc afee is a pretty well recognised name so stay with if youu wish, from what you say it seems to have the cover you need.


  birdface 10:45 26 Nov 07

You need another good Anti-Spyware program to go with it,And of course Spywareblaster which you probably already have.

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