MBR Virus

  Billy911 13:59 23 Nov 04

I am trying to fix a friends PC. I have tried fdisk/mbr, formatted the HDD, deleted the primary partition then recreated the partition, formatted the HDD (again) then tried to install Win 98 se. It goes through its usual checks then gathers files to copy but when it reaches 100% a (DOS-like) pop up says: VIRUS! MASTER BOOT SECTOR WRITE. CONTINUE? Y/N. At this point it doesn't matter whether I press Y or N (or any key)as the PC freezes. I have tried this several times with the same result. There may be something I am missing or not doing in the right order as I have helped a friend in the past with the same problem but managed to fix that easily. The PC is very old - P100, 16Mb RAM, 2Mb grahics and 500Mb HDD. I recommended to my friend that he donated the PC to a museum but he was not impressed.

  JIM 14:30 23 Nov 04

P100, 16Mb RAM, 2Mb grahics and 500Mb and you want to install win 98se? I would forget it.

  Billy911 14:50 23 Nov 04

It had windows 98 on it before I formatted the HDD and it worked fine (admittedly slowly)until the virus so I know that the PC is up to it - just.

  Completealias 14:57 23 Nov 04

Have alook in the BIOS settings some older BIOS's had a feature in them to protect writing to the MBR you could try turning this feature off and see if you get anywhere.

  Billy911 15:03 23 Nov 04

Brilliant Completealias. I didn't think of that. I'll have a look. Thanks.

  Billy911 21:14 23 Nov 04

It worked! I disabled the anti-virus setting in the BIOS, did fdisk/mbr, renabled the anti-virus then installed the OS which is now working fine. Thanks again Completealias.

  Completealias 16:26 24 Nov 04

No problems Billy911 glad I could help

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