Maxtor 40Gig Jumper settings

  Dearersteak 13:38 05 Oct 03

Hi all!

ok, this should take to long, but basicly, i've just replaced my 12Gig slave with a 40gig maxtor slave. Now, i have set it into the bios which has detected it fine, but when i entre windows, windows (xp) is'nt detectiong it? Am i correct in thinking that XP should auto detect and do its magic for you!?

Now i have the jumpers set to what i belive is slave, but there some what confusing!....

Does this sound like a jumper problem!?


  jimv7 13:48 05 Oct 03

Control panel/administrative tools/computer management/disk management, right click on the the 40gb drive and format it, then windows will see it.

  soy 13:52 05 Oct 03


I'm not a computer techie or anything but I think you have to format the hard drive for Xp to recognise it. If you cant see the hard drive in 'My Computer'. Right Click 'My computer' and select 'Manage'.

Down the left hand pane, select 'Disk management'.
Is the hard drive recognised here? It may be called 'Disk 1'. If you can see it, try right clicking it and select 'Format' to reformat it into NTFS.

  Dearersteak 13:55 05 Oct 03

Right, well, as both of you rightly said, its was under the disk manager, and i'm formating as i speak! so cheers for that! Thing is... i'm sure that onces befor, i installed a HD into a machine as a slave, and windows set it up automaticly for me... but now thinking about it, it might have all ready have been formated!

Thanks again!

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