Maximum length for RJ11 cable

  albu 14:02 16 Feb 06

Is there a maximum length of RJ11 cable you can have to connect your modem to the phone box?


  Freddog™ 14:05 16 Feb 06

You can buy any length from electrical shops, they'll have to custom make it though, or make your own liike I once did. =D

  Shas 14:10 16 Feb 06

Assuming you mean is there a maximum length whereby it will still work OK, I believe 10m is the recommended length, but I have a 15m length and it works fine. Better if there are no joins though.

  ed-0 14:13 16 Feb 06

I am running a 15m one on a BB connection. I have heard of those running longer ones.

  Freddog™ 14:14 16 Feb 06

Yes, I think there is a limit, if you go past that it won't work. How long did you want it?

  DieSse 16:36 16 Feb 06

It's all down to the quality of the cable - good cable - almost unlimited - poor cable - quite short.

After all - think how far your house will be down a cable from the nearest amplifier - maybe miles - so a few more yards of good cable isn't going to make any difference!

  martjc 18:27 16 Feb 06

...My entire house is networked with cat5 cables and RJ45 plugs. The longest run is over 20 mts. with no problems. The same would apply for the RJ11s you are using.

  Smiler 18:30 16 Feb 06

I have a 25m run without any problems (no joins)

  spuds 19:50 16 Feb 06

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