Maximise Windows - Vista Ultimate

  Press Man 20:14 30 Jan 09

Hi Guys,

When I open a web page from "favourites" the window always opens in a reduced size. Is there a way to make them open "maximised". I know how to do this for short cuts on the "quick launch bar" but not favourites.

Thanks in advance.

  johnnyrocker 20:27 30 Jan 09

dont know about vista but in xp it is usually drag to fit then close with alt f4 should then re open full size, might be worth a try


  Press Man 20:32 30 Jan 09


Thanks, but did not work!

  Miké 20:38 30 Jan 09

See my post click here

  Press Man 20:44 30 Jan 09


That seems to have worked. Just to add, I needed to open at least 3 windows and then hold ctrl and close with the red x. Thanks.

  FatboySlim71 09:42 31 Jan 09

Sometimes if you maximize the window it sometimes doesn't hold the windows size the next time you open it, what I do in this case is to stretch the window manually to more or less the same size that maximize would have made it and then hold CTRL and click the red X with the left button, sometimes you can just close the window at maximized by going to FILE menu and selecting EXIT, and/or using the combination I have mentioned above if the first try doesn't work.

I have never been unable to have the window open at the required size by doing one of the above methods.

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