Maximise window, doesn't (NT)

  Tog 12:51 14 Apr 04

I.T. just delivered my new PC and in time-honoured fashion, scarpered off-site before I could finish checking it out.

Problem is, if I maximise a window (same for all apps checked so far), it fills most of the desktop but leaves a gap at the bottom (about 4 lines of text).

Normally it wouldn't matter, but I'm debugging scripts (eeuch!) and need all that space to monitor variables.

Any clues on how to get the window full-size would be appreciated. Already searched here and MS KB articles, no joy.

  Sir Radfordin 13:02 14 Apr 04 PC...surely not??

Can you drag the window into that unused space at all?

Take it you have tried things like rebooting it ;)

  anon1 13:04 14 Apr 04

simple, open explorer, maximise the window, then drag it to the desired size. Then close it using the file and close option NOT with the cross top right. Next time you open the window it should be full size. You could also try hitting F11 to make full screen and F11 again to undo

  Tog 13:18 14 Apr 04

Once the window's maximised, there's no grabbing it.

F11 doesn't work for this app.


  Tog 13:24 14 Apr 04

Don't want that XP Johnny-come-lately near my 16-bit apps...

  anon1 15:05 14 Apr 04

try grabbing it when its not maximised then and go through the same procedure. Once the screen is full maximising will only make a minimul difference

  Tog 15:40 14 Apr 04

Well weird. Grabbed it, pulled it to full screen and then it sprang back to the same size as the max'd window. Time for tea and a biccie while I have a think.

  Tog 15:59 14 Apr 04

In future, I will recommend tea and biccies as a solution to all problems. Got a suggestion off a colleague to disable "always on top" & "Auto Hide" in the taskbar properties. Didn't fix it, but when I re-enabled them, ta da! Off for some more biccies and a discussion on the mysteries of MS software.

  Tog 16:03 14 Apr 04

Thanks for the suggestions.

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