maximise a page!

  moby58 00:34 23 Jan 06

ive clicked something by now when i access a page its only half the size of the do i get it maximised each time-rather than have to maximise it page by page...just need full screen each time!thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 00:42 23 Jan 06

Do you mean browser windows within Internet Explorer?

If so,

open a page

drag the corners using the mouse until it is full screen size

then close using file, close

That, I think, is how you do it.

If you are opeing any program and not getting full page, then you can right click in the program short cut and choose properties; within the properties is the option to run maximised.

  moby58 00:48 23 Jan 06

tried dragging with mouse to full size...then closing...but still does it next time i open a new page...

  Skyver 02:10 23 Jan 06

If you're on XP, open two instances of IE, right click the taskbar and select Cascade Windows, close on of the IE windows, maximise the other then close that too. Try it then.

  Simsy 08:18 23 Jan 06

which program?

Do you mean Internet Explorer?



  keith-236785 08:31 23 Jan 06

drag the window using the corner grab handles (diaganal double headed arrows) to fill the screen, then press and hold CTRL and click the red X to close the window. next time you open the window it will be full screen. or just click the middle icon (top right) each time to maximise the window but i think thats what you are doing now anyway.

you were doing right dragging the window, you just need to press CTRL while you close it.

good luck

  keith-236785 08:32 23 Jan 06

i am of course assuming it is a browser window you are reffering to!
if not then as Simsy says, what prog?

  keith-236785 07:49 25 Jan 06

can we assume you are now sorted? if so could you tick it please...

  moby58 17:17 25 Jan 06

ive clicked on "size" at one point during the proceedings-...not sure when and how but its back to normal!and its fixed thanks...other suggestions werent working.thanks for everyones input.

  moby58 17:17 25 Jan 06


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