max secure spyware detector

  EntERpRiSiER 11:58 27 Jun 06

hi i have stumbled across what looks to be an extreamly good spyware removal too. it has the fastest search out of any of the tools and claims to remove around 98% of all spyware and adware. but it seems a little too good to be true i was wondering if anyone had tried it as it said it found 115 enteries on my computer. Is this programme legitimate? or does it put the programmes on to your computer?

  SANTOS7 12:08 27 Jun 06

it found 115 enteries on my computer.
trouble is you won't know how good it is at removal until you BUY the product, has been known to show false positives (info from user guides) to encourage you to buy it.

  EntERpRiSiER 12:09 27 Jun 06

so any one bought it? is it just a scam to buy it?

  SANTOS7 12:14 27 Jun 06

We DO NOT recommend purchasing or using this program.

click here
text taken from link..

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:15 27 Jun 06

Just use Windows defender, Avast or AVG A/V, Ccleaner and Spybot a s a back up and you will have all the protection that you will ever need........for free. There is no point in home users paying for any protection.


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