Matrox AGP Card

  the-george 20:10 17 Aug 06

How can I tell haw much RAM is on the card. It is a G4+M4A16DG/40 card which is from the Millenium G400 set. I have been to Matrox site and through the forum found out it is 4x AGP (the 4A bit it the model number above)and should have either 16 or 32 Mb RAM but cannot find out how to tell which it is. I suspect that the 16 in the model number may be be the answer but does anyone know for sure?

  CurlyWhirly 21:41 18 Aug 06

Everest Home Edition has been discontinued but if you are using XP then type in dxdiag into the RUN command and you should see a screen similar to mine which shows how much memory your graphics card has.

click here

  Eric10 21:46 18 Aug 06

For Win XP right-click the desktop then choose Properties. Click the Settings tab then the Advanced button. Now click the Adapter tab and it should report the memory on the card.

  CurlyWhirly 22:14 18 Aug 06

Your way is easier ;)

  SANTOS7 22:26 18 Aug 06

4x AGP 16Mb, your assumption is correct..

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