Mathematical symbols font

  pienter 15:04 14 Feb 03

Does anyone know of a freeware font programme which includes the more usual mathematical symbols such as square root, integral sign, pi, not-equal-to, etc.?

  Confab 16:17 14 Feb 03

Have you got microsoft word. If so go to insert symbol. You will find most mathematical symbols by scrolling through the fonts and subsets . If you use a particular symbol often then it can be assigned to a key.


  €dstow 16:21 14 Feb 03

Have a look in Character Map (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools-> Character Map) and you will find all sorts of oddities that you can get in many fonts. Highlight the oddity you want and it will tell you the keystrokes to achieve it (Alt and a number)


  pienter 17:20 14 Feb 03

Thanks to both Amber-Shortie and Dstow for their responses. I agree that the Symbol font, whether accessed via Insert Symbol or via Character Map, has several mathematical signs, including square root and pi, but not, for example, the integral sign. I had hoped to find a font specifically directed towards mathematical equations, but a Google search revealed only commercially available versions.

  VoG™ 17:23 14 Feb 03

If you have Word then you can use the Equation Editor. Insert/Object, Microsoft Equation Editor.

  €dstow 18:18 14 Feb 03

If you continue to look in Character Map you will find the integral sign. The problem with this sign and some other maths signs is that they, of necessity, take up two lines and are thus given in two halves.


  €dstow 18:24 14 Feb 03

I should have added that not all fonts have these extra signs and symbols but the usual TNR, Arial etc. do.


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