Matching Pairs of Ram - what does it mean ?

  Tinkey Winkey 21:40 30 Aug 04

Looking to buy 2 sticks of 512MB DDR400 Ram.

Is there something special about 'matched pairs' of ram as opposed to just buying 2 sticks of the same Ram ?

  woodchip 22:01 30 Aug 04

It means if you have one stick of ram in the computer and want to had to it, then it means get the same ram as what is installed

  Tinkey Winkey 22:11 30 Aug 04

Also is there any advantage in choosing 1 stick of 1024MB over 2 sticks of 512MB or vice versa ?

  woodchip 22:16 30 Aug 04

Not if the Mobo will take it in one slot

  woodchip 22:17 30 Aug 04

Not if the Mobo will take it in one slot.

PS you need to check your manual

  DJ-Garry 23:27 30 Aug 04


The answer to your question is this:
Some mother boards support Dual Channel memory.
You can tell at a glnce because they have 4 memory sockets. 2 orange and 2 purple. You can populate these as you wish, but is you want, you can buy 'matched pairs' of memory, puting each of the pairs in the same colour socket. The bios will recognise the matched pair and operate your memory accordingly (twice the operation per cycle I think). As I said, you are supposed to get a matched pair, see this link to ebuyer click here
I didnt realise this when I bought the bits for my machine and just got two memory sticks of DDR400 512MB (they are the same brand and type, bought at the same time). The bios seems to still operate these as a matched pair.
There doesnt seem to be much price difference between the two anyway so to be on the safe side it might be better to go for a genuine matched pair.
Good luck, Garry.

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