Matching CPU speed to motherboard

  AJ59 19:41 12 Jan 07

I have just purchased an Athlon XP 2800 which has a real speed of 2083 Mhz. My motherboard is an Epox 8KHA+ DDR.(current CPU Athlon XP 1600, speed 1.4 GHZ)

The Epox website states that the 8KHA:
"Supports Socket A compatible AMD AthlonTM XP processors 1500+ to 1800+, and 600MHz to 1.4GHz AMD AthlonTM and AMD DuronTM"

What would happen if I install the 2800?

Would I damage the mobo or would my system run at the higher speed?

Any help or shared experiences would help!!

  Belatucadrus 00:18 13 Jan 07

I would doubt anything would happen as the new CPU is so far outside the range of processors supported by the MOBO it's unlikely to recognise it. So while I don't think you'd damage the board, I also don't think the new combo would do anything at all.
Get a new MOBO.

  User-312386 00:36 13 Jan 07

I agree with Belatucadrus on this one.

Nothing will happen. The computer will not start

  vinnyT 03:33 13 Jan 07

According to the epox site (click here) the 8khi3425.bin (25 Apr 2003) bios update added Improved Atholn XP2600+ stability, there is another update just above, 8khi3916.bin (16 Sep 2003), though no details on what the update was for.

So while it seems, with the updated bios, the 2600+ chip is supported, there is no mention of the 2800+, you could try it with the september update, it may work (but at the rate of a 2600+) or it may not. Suckit and see;-)

  AJ59 16:40 13 Jan 07

Thanks for your thoughts Belatucadrus, madboy33©® and vinnyT on the above - I will try updating the bios b4 changing the CPU - If this does not work is it easy/viable to change the mobo..?

  brundle 16:45 13 Jan 07

There are 2 versions of the 2600 (266 and 333 mhz FSB) and I suspect the 266 Mhz FSB version is the max your board will support. The 2800 has a 333mhz FSB speed - BIOS updates won't overcome that.
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