Match the characters hotmail problem

  YinHoNg 23:06 14 Jul 05

Hiya. I just experienced the "match the characters" hotmail problem. Anyone who is experiencing the same problem will know exactly what i'm talking about.

Whilst trying to solve this problem, i came across a lot of people who were having the same problems so i decided to put up my solution in case it might help someone else.

It wasn't complicated for me: i basically cleared out all my cookies and cache, retried it and it seemed to work. Also other solutions i found were log on to your hotmail account from another computer: this apparently will only ask you to enter the characters once, then after that you'll be able to access your account on your old, original computer.

Hope this will help someone....

  patsyanne 09:30 15 Jul 05

"match the characters" thats a laugh i can never make out what the characters are !too many squiggles going through them i usually give up signing in .

  YinHoNg 21:53 19 Jul 05

Right, the problem's happened again to a friend and the solutions i presented above didn't work. After researching a bit more i've found another, much better solution. This is for users that use any kind of firewall software( i personally use zone alarm):

quite simple: disable it. now. then restart msn or refresh hotmail, whichever way you were previously checking your emails. Then try again and i'm pretty sure it'll work.

Good luck!

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