Master to Slave on Maxtor HD

  alltime 08:26 06 Jun 04

The maxtor hd has 4 pins at the top (1 missing ) and 5 pins at the bottom. The markings on the drive are Jumper j50-- Master/single--- slave off. Can anyone tell me what pins have to have the jumper on to make this a slave disc.

  Eastender 08:37 06 Jun 04

Try click here you may need to scroll down a bit.

  Tesman 08:38 06 Jun 04

Nice simple answer - none. Leave it "unpinned" for slave.

  alltime 18:39 06 Jun 04

Thanks for the help, tesman said leave unpinned, and eastender says click here , which shows a bridge on the top row which one of the pins is missing. what effect does putting a jumper on just 1 pin. Im learning guys bu really grateful for the direction.

  bremner 18:43 06 Jun 04

A jumper electrically links two pins so putting a jumper on one pins does nothing.

As Tesman says 'slave' on a maxtor is acheived by having no jumper.

  Eastender 19:23 06 Jun 04

It's somewhere to park the jumper.

  alltime 22:30 06 Jun 04

Right now i have two hard drives one with me on and the other formatted to put a new system on. can you IT wiz kids tell me how to proceed installing a new windows system on the slave disc and also!!!! Ill come to that next. A million thanks guys and galls?

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