master and slave drives

  fire 11:16 06 Mar 03

after posting under 'desparate help needed' i still havnt sorted the problem. if i purchase a new drive and use it as a master could i recover the files required from the old one. if so could somebody guide me as to how to set a new drive up with the existing as a slave....many thanks

  MAJ 11:28 06 Mar 03

Hi fire, I had to go back and read your last post. Yes you can install a new drive as Master, install your other drive as Slave, load XP on the new drive and then, if your other drive isn't kaput, you should be able to retrieve your files.

  MAJ 11:30 06 Mar 03

Your other post is here, by the way, for the info of others click here

  fire 11:48 06 Mar 03

t is this the only way out of this problem??

  MAJ 12:07 06 Mar 03

You tried just about everything I can think of, fire. Things seem to be totally messed up. A reinstall doesn't work, a repair doesn't work, you can't get as far as the desktop, scandisk reports errors. It looks like a reinstall to a different hard drive is your only option at the moment. You obviously have files on that hard drive which you want to keep. So yes, I think the new hard drive is your best option. If you do buy a new drive, don't buy an IBM drive (personal opinion).

  MAJ 12:26 06 Mar 03

Hang on a miute, fire, I've just thought of something.

If the files you want to save are not too large, that is, if they would fit onto a floppy, then it is possible to save them to floppy via DOS, if your hard drive isn't damaged. It entails starting your PC with a Win98se boot disk, listing the contents of your hard drive, locating the files and copying them to floppy. I'm not great with DOS commands, but there are members here who will know the correct commands. If you get those files saved, you could then try an Fdisk and format of the drive then try to reinstall XP to it. At least if that worked it would save you the price of a new drive.

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