mass storage device

  OAP65 13:43 30 Dec 05

My computer runs Me I have recently had to do a complete re-install, since then it keeps telling me that when I connect my digital camera the download pictures fails, which worked perfectly ok before the re-install. I have just puchased a USB 2.0 FLASH DRIVE the computer will not recognise it. Tried it on a friends pc worked ok he use XP When I plug flash drive in, it tells me USBNTMAP.SYS and USBTOR.SYS cannot be found. Thanks in advance. oap65

  sil_ver 13:52 30 Dec 05

could be your USB drivers need updating. I don't use ME so dont know if there is a service pack upgrade. Your motherboard chipset drivers may need either reinstalling or updating.

  AndySD 13:54 30 Dec 05

What is the make/model of the flash drive.

  Big Elf 14:03 30 Dec 05

I don't think that ME supports USB 2.0. Could be wrong though.

  OAP65 14:17 30 Dec 05

AndySD the make is MIKOMI 256mb

  OAP65 14:19 30 Dec 05

Big Elf I have an add in card that gives me 4 usb ports. I have a scanner and webcam plugged in to this card these work perfect

  recap 14:23 30 Dec 05

Try plugging in the device into another USB port and not the same one all the time.

  OAP65 14:37 30 Dec 05

i have plugged in to all four ports on the card
also i have two ports on computer will not work
on these

  woodchip 14:47 30 Dec 05

try removing usb from device manager, restart and plug the flash into computer not a hub

  OAP65 10:04 31 Dec 05

Thanks for all your replies, I will try all these suggestions away for a couple of days update early next week. Thanks once again

  OAP65 14:37 07 Jan 06

Back on line. I think I may have misled you previously I will start from scratch. My computer is 3 years old and runs Windows ME as purchased two USB ports, I added internal USB 4 port card about 2 years ago. Previously plugged into this card was a scanner, webcam, and broadband modem also a cable for digital camera all this worked ok. I had to reinstall Windows recently, now it will not recognise camera or USB storage key, it tells me connection failed. In device manager. when I plug in the camera or the key in Universal Bus Controller it shows the mass store device with a yellow ! Whatever I try it makes no difference to this.

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