Markup Area in MS Office 2007

  K*B 05:46 04 Feb 09

Hello Friends,I am trying to print a document sent to me online. It was created in MS Office 2007. There's a "Markup Area" on the right hand side of the pages which takes a chunk of the space on the pages. How do I take out this "Markup Area" to make more space for the text? I look forward to the solution. Thanks in advance.

  PalaeoBill 08:24 04 Feb 09

On the "Reivew" tab under "Tracking", top right it probably says "Final showing Markup", you can click here and change it to Final or Original and it will display the document with or without changes but without the mark up area.
Under "Changes", you can choose to accept or reject the changes one by one or all together. Then there won't be any markup.
Under "Track Changes" you can trurn markup off if you don't want it.

  K*B 14:27 06 Feb 09


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