Marks on printing from HP Lazer

  rupie 13:32 08 Apr 08

I have started to get dirty marks on my OLd Lazerjet 4 Plus Printer.
I have tried a basic clean and removed to cart to do this but to no avail. I guess the drum is dirty but how can I clean this ?

  €dstowe 13:42 08 Apr 08

Hardly worth the bother getting an ancient printer to function properly. You can get a new one for £50 or less.

  Eric10 13:59 08 Apr 08

The drum in a laser printer is coated with a light sensistive material which is activated by the laser and is responsible for making sure that the toner sticks only to the correct parts of the drum for transfering to the paper. Even if you managed to clean it without damaging the coating you would find that your problem returns within one or two pages. This is a sign that the drum is wearing out.
You would need to fit a new toner cartridge which includes a new drum as an integral part of the unit but as €dstowe says this can cost as much as a new printer.
click here for one example of a cheap laser printer.

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