Mapping drives on a new PC build

  gusmantx 05:18 10 Oct 12

I just completed the build on my first PC and m having a little difficulty with mapping the drives. I have Windows & loaded on a 60GD SSD so the PC will boot fast. No I want to add a 2TB SATA III drive to store my other programs and data. The issue is the drive is not appearing when I click on the computer ICON. What have I done wrong so that the drive is not being read and once that is fixed how do I ensure that additional programs and data load diretly to the SATA drive after the PC boots.

Thanks for any help!

  BRYNIT 09:35 10 Oct 12

Which OS, if win7 right click on computer icon and select Manage/Disk Management, if the dish is showing check it has a drive letter.

  BRYNIT 09:39 10 Oct 12

Must check my spelling before posting.

Should read. If the disk is showing check it has a drive letter assigned.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:39 10 Oct 12

You need to format the drive before you can use it for data.

Right-Click on the My Computer icon either on your desktop or in the Start Menu and select Manage.

A new window titled Computer Management comes up. Select Storage from the left hand side by clicking it once, then select Disk Management(local) from the right side by double-clicking it. Find your new drive and format it with one large partition.

First you partition - do a primary partition if you want only one partition on the hard drive. Then you format the partition - again right click and select format use NTSF - use default allocation size and give the new volume a label (no spaces allowed in the name).

You can then move all the My Folders to the secondary drive this way. But you will need to remember that when you install a program it will still automatically go to the C drive, that's fine. But if you install games then it will still be necessary to install it to the bigger drive.

I have a 128GB M4 with my OS and programs,I have a 1TB HDD for my Steam folder and other games and yet another 1TB HDD for films,music, pictures etc.

  woodchip 18:54 24 Oct 12

When loading Games Programs or anything, you should choose Custom Install not just click Setup. Then put it on the Drive you want it on. But all Programs Games etc will load things on C:\ even with a custom Install as first they are mapped to Regedit. Drivers also go into £Windows System 32 folder


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