map making

  Victoria 12:40 19 Oct 07

In a text box in Publishe I have drawn a line map with text boxes for the road names. I now need to rotate it and place it in thepublicatin but each line and name is separate. How do gather it allinto one box as a single item please. When I try to move it all in the original text box, the box just moves independent of all my work!

  Fermat's Theorem 14:41 19 Oct 07


Click on any one item, then hold the control button down while you click on every other item in your map.

When all the items have been selected, choose "Group" and they will then be grouped as just one single item that can be moved, rotated, resized etc.

Hope this helps :-)

  Victoria 16:02 19 Oct 07

thank you - that will be a help

  woodchip 16:11 19 Oct 07

Its the Shift button I think not Control

  woodchip 16:12 19 Oct 07

With Control you have to click each one and you may just miss one using Shift grabs the lot

  Fermat's Theorem 17:01 19 Oct 07

of help, Victoria.

Woodchip - you are right, of course. Thanks for clarifying that :-)

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