Manual Start Up ov AV program

  mbp 17:26 19 Nov 05

How do I configure my AV program not to start on Bootup, but for manual activation after Booting and before connecting to the internet? I am using Avast Free.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:05 19 Nov 05

How do I configure my AV program not to start on Bootup

BAd idea you want it to check for boot viruses to ensure a clean start.

If you really do'nt want it to start on boot up (I do not recommend this!!!) then

type msconfig into the run box, click the startup tab and untick


You must remember to start Avast from the start menu before using the internet or installing files from floppies / cd or flash drives

  mbp 20:48 19 Nov 05

Thanks Fruit Bat!

  woodchip 21:29 19 Nov 05

Mine as never run at startup on a XP Desktop or XP Laptop. It only updates it when I start. and I cannot remember last time I ran a Scan. But no Virus's

  woodchip 21:30 19 Nov 05

PS mine is Free version of Avast and never altered the run method

  mbp 14:39 20 Nov 05

Woodchip. please tell be how you deactivate it, and how you activate once you are booted up?

  palinka 16:53 20 Nov 05

I use AVG and I never run mine on boot-up either. Boot-up for me is in the morning when I need to do things quickly and a scan slows things down - not a lot, I admit, but enough to make a difference.
Don't know Avast well enough to explain how to achieve this but in AVG it's a setting in Control Centre> Scheduler. I have it set to update (and later to scan) at times that suit my use of the PC. And I also check for additional updates manually ffrom time to time.

  woodchip 20:15 20 Nov 05

I have never had to Deactivate it. It just does not run at startup, on XP Laptop or XP Desktop

  mbp 20:47 20 Nov 05

Mine always runs at Start Up, AV and FW. It does run the program, but it is loaded up and activated at Boot up. Sometimes it automatically updates soon after.

  Belatucadrus 12:07 22 Nov 05

When you say it 'runs' what precisely do you mean, does it run a scan or simply activate showing the taskbar tray icon ? If the first, this is unusual and not the way it normally functions, if the latter then this is what it's supposed to do, why do you want to turn it off ?
You say that "Sometimes it automatically updates soon after" this could only happen if you have an active internet connection, are you on broad band ? If so turning off the Anti virus isn't advisable.

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