Mandy Herrington Spam, - Related to Facebook?

  thegreypanther 10:39 20 Aug 10

About one month ago I was persuaded to join Facebook, - albeit with a VERY low profile and few friends. Since then I have been bombarded with emails from [email protected]> which are just one liners with a link included.
Previous to joining Facebook I had very little spam, and managed quite happily without a spam filter.
Is the "mandy herrington" spam anything to do with my joining Facebook? Does anybody else have a problem with this particular spam?

  Strawballs 10:56 20 Aug 10

Been on facebook ages the only spam I get is from people trying to add me on MSN

  lotvic 11:24 20 Aug 10

I get about 6 a week with the 'one liner link' from various names. I don't open them but I used to look at the Properties, message headers, Message Source to see what the message contained.
I just delete them unopened now.
Yes, it is since I joined Facebook so that I could look at a relatives photo albums.
I didn't use my real name and opened a new email addy just for FB use, so spam must be FB related.

  johndrew 11:35 20 Aug 10

Facebook is quite infamous for its 'sharing' of your data so it shouldn't be a surprise when your e-mail address is spread around the world for any and all spammers to use.

PCA has printed some tips for better security and there are quite a few sites that offer good advice; see below. All you can do with those currently sending you spam is either create a rule in your e-mail client to delete on receipt or, better still if you can, set up a rule within your ISP account to delete on receipt.

Good tips:

click here
click here
click here
click here

  thegreypanther 12:53 20 Aug 10

Many thanks for the replies.
Even though my profile on Facebook is about as negligible as it is possible to get, the email required for signing-up / logging in must be the culprit.
Anyway, Mandy Herrington's junk is now filtered out.

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