bally1020 14:38 06 Oct 04

Hi there! I recently downloaded mandrake linux to install. Backed up HDD etc. On the download page is says something like "these are the official ISO files for burning cds"

So i downloaded 3 of them and made 3 cds, each one is a zip file which is under 700mb. If they are unzipped, they go over 700mb so i cant do that.

Those cds are non bootable

In the de-structions, they say that linux can be booted froma cd, just pop it in the drive! So where do they tell you what files to burn to make a boot cd, and once you have made a boot cd, how does it know where to look to get the rest of the install and linux files? Mine are currently in a folder called mandrake on my c drive.
Also i have tried burning cdrom.img to a cd and booting.
No idea, too many boot files and folders to choose from, no specific instructions. Can anyone shed any light on it for me!??!?!

many thanks

  JonnyTub 14:46 06 Oct 04

you need to burn them correctly

Insert a blank CD into the CD writer.

Launch Nero.

In the File menu, select "Burn CD image".

Choose as file type: all files (*.*), since Nero expects files with the NRG suffix.

Select the ISO image file.

You will see a dialog box asking if you want to supply detailed image parameters. Enter the following parameters:

Type of image: Data Mode 1

Block size: 2048 bytes per sector

File precursor and image trailer: 0 length

No scrambled and no Swapped.

Click on "burn". If the program complains that there are errors in the image file, click on the button "Ignore" and launch the burning.

  bally1020 16:23 06 Oct 04

when you say ISO image file, which directory is it in? im sure there was more than one iso file.

Oh wait, do you mean the huge 695mb mandrakelinux10.1downloadCD1.ISO file? ? ?

i thought this may be the one

Please reply! many thanks!!!

  JonnyTub 16:38 06 Oct 04

yes that's the one, 3 downloads, 3.iso files, 3 burnt cds.

  bally1020 16:46 06 Oct 04

is "burn cd image" ? I clicked (in the wizaard at the beginning of nero) CD ROM (ISO) and make 3 iso cds. Not sure what that is really. Is there definately anohter option for make cd image?
what version of nero are you using?>


  JonnyTub 16:59 06 Oct 04

Nero 6, cancel the wizard, go to the top and expand the "recorder" option, choose burn image, drag and drop the iso files

  bally1020 17:05 06 Oct 04

Ill go home after work and give it a try!!
When i boot into the program, i want to partition a 80gb drive into two partitions, 1 for linux and one for windows. Shouldnt think it would be too many problems, except making a dual boot system ,ve never done it before. Also once i change the partitions, they will probably need to be formatted, how do i format them putting linux on and then installing windows? Or should i leave windows on first and then install linux?

is it pretty straightforward? Sorry last one!


  JonnyTub 17:08 06 Oct 04

If you only want to try linux to see if you like it first, then download a "bootable live - cd", this cd will once booted from; load the linux os up for you to peruse at your leisure, and what's more, remove the cd, reboot and your windows installation is there and intact, no changes made.

  bally1020 17:30 06 Oct 04

Well i think even if i cant get to grips with it stright away, i should really give it my best attempt. It would be handy for a job or just generally to understand a linux/unix based OS i think! So im gonna go the whole hog and install it properly. I have backed up my c drie already and its windows is so infected it could do with being reinstalled. SO ill try and make a dual boot, i wonder if i should keep windows on there first though before installing linux. Not quite sure how that works.

  JonnyTub 17:35 06 Oct 04

When you get home and get yourself prepared, post a new thread to the effect of something like "Dual boot linux and windows help".

  bally1020 17:45 06 Oct 04

I guess that would be a better idea to open a discussion about a more specific problem. Ill give it a try and see what happens first

JUst like to say thanks very much for your replies in thie forum. Appreciated

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