Managing over 100 domains

  JConcept4 13 Jan 11


I've been given the task of managing over 100 domains and keeping records of renewal dates etc.

Does anybody know if there is software that will make this a easy task?

I was thinking of building a database to record this information (we have filemaker 10) but I wasn't sure how I could add in alerts in to the database to flag up renewels etc.

What does the industry do to record this information?

Trief googling but my searches probably weren't the best.


  Ansolan 13 Jan 11

Forum member's solution sounds good and foolproof. If you want a back up to that, you could enter the renewal dates in a calendar with email alerts.

This is pretty reliable and you csn set the reminder to any period up to 4 weeks before the date:

click here

  Forum Editor 14 Jan 11

on behalf of clients, and I do it in exactly what forum member has suggested. I run an Excel spreadsheet My motto where such things are concerned is always 'keep it simple'.

  Bob The Nob© 18 Jan 11

If they are all with the same registrar and your details are down as the "Administrator" then you should get an email saying the renewal is up.

  JConcept4 31 Jan 11

Cheers for the replies guys

Sorry for the late response, I've been bogged down in other work so this has gone on hold.

I'm going to start building the spreadsheet this morning, not ventured in XL much before, I work as a designer/IT admin so I'm more of a Adobe freak.



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