Manager for start up?

  Miros 15:06 18 Nov 06

I did a complete reinstall and in the process lost a small programme that safely sorted out only the necessary programs at start up. I'm sure it's something I got from this forum but I'm unable to find now can anybody direct me back to it please?

  Gongoozler 16:07 18 Nov 06

I haven't tried it, but is this the sort of thing you're looking for click here

  Miros 17:20 18 Nov 06

Thanks it's not the one I was looking for, as I remember it I just downloaded it, installed it, and it took over leading to quicker start ups and shut downs, a great little program I should have taken note of it.
Because it was so efficient running in the back ground I can't even remember what it was called, you know what I mean, set up and forget! Thanks anyway.

  Kingfisher 17:31 18 Nov 06

Try tune up utilities it has a start up manager in it and many other useful tools click here it has a 30 day free trial, have used it for couple of years with no probs

  Miros 17:58 18 Nov 06

I have a tune up programme but this one I'm talking about dealt strictly with start up and shut down.
It was able to decide safely just what was needed and what wasn't, and as I remember with no input from me, quite remarkable really.

  skidzy 18:15 18 Nov 06

Maybe click here

  Modo 18:20 18 Nov 06

Or Maybe click here

My biggest current myster - slightly OT - is why I get a completely different set of programs each time a start up. Nothing serious but sometimes my USB phone kicks in and other times it won't!

  Miros 13:20 19 Nov 06

Thanks that seems to be the nearest to what had before, must say as I remember it the other was so much simpler though your 'start up inspector' was not hard to use.
Meanwhile I settle for ' Start up Inspector' Cheers.

  skidzy 13:53 19 Nov 06

Glad to be of help Miros,if i come across anything else similar,i will let you know.

  Miros 15:07 19 Nov 06

Thanks skidsy.

  Zak 15:24 19 Nov 06

Here is the link to Mike Lin's freeware proggie Startup Control panel:

click here

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