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  RussG 16 May 09

Hi - I would like to set up an option on my web site to subscribe and unsubscribe to a newsletter. I know there are companies out there that will manage lists of this kind. I wonder if someone could recommend some services.

  tobyb121 29 May 09

You can quite easily put all of the addresses into a sql database and use php to send mail to everyone in the list, this shouldn't be too hard to set up, and wouldn't rely on a third party.

  RussG 29 May 09

Thanks for the reply. I am really looking for a bit more than basic functionality. Services that offer tracking, logs of unopened emails etc.

  catherine2008 31 May 09

Hi - I use Constant Contact for my weekly email, they let you know who has opened an email, unsubscribed, forwarded it on etc. It's V good.

  RussG 31 May 09

Thanks for the feedback, I'll check it out.

  TomLinny 02 Jun 09

I Use Maxomail click here its a bit dearer than constant contact but UK based with good support

  RussG 02 Jun 09

Thanks I'll have a look.

  HighTower 08 Jun 09

Quite expensive, but amazingly good!

click here

  HighTower 08 Jun 09

Just noticed the typo . . .

Should be 'Interspire'.

  RussG 08 Jun 09

Great thanks for al the suggestions.


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