Malware/virus demanding $19.99 for remaval

  Widows Son 11:57 24 Feb 05

A friend has just rang me to ask for help with an infected PC. No matter what web site he enters he gets a microsoft blank screen with a message asking for a payment of $19.99 for the removal of the block. I've obviously advised him not to pay. He's at work presently and can't give me any more details as his sick pc is at home.

Does anyone have any idea which virus is causing this - it would help greatly if I knew before heading the 25 miles over to his house if I could bring an appropiate remover on disk

Thanks in advance

  Taff36 12:09 24 Feb 05

Does he run any Anti Virus, Spyware Trojan defences at all? If not take over all the usual Spybot S&D, Adaware, A2 and spywareblaster. Suggest you download all the latest versions which should hopefully give you the most up to date definitions.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:09 24 Feb 05

click here and run it, this should clear all the rubbish and also disable messenger click here The advertising is the epitome of major suckage and cowboys like this should be publically rogered for all to see.


  Widows Son 12:29 24 Feb 05

I will try all your suggestions - he really shouldn't be allowed near a pc as his knowledge is 0 - so I'd doubt he has up to date virus protection - I'll stick avast or avg on for him and give him the usual lecture. I realise that from the very scant info I have on his problem its hard to diagnose the actual bit of software causing it - but if it rings any bells with anyone let me know.

I'll keep the thread open hoping for any more advice & I'll post the final solution when I find it


  Stuartli 13:26 24 Feb 05

If you right click on the offending message it should/most likely bring up Page Details and information on the URL from where it was sent.

Once you have found this out, going to the Symantec or similar website should enable you to search for the miscreant and obtain details of how to get rid of it.

To see what I mean, right click on this page and see the menu, particularly the last two lines.

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