Malwarebytes queries

  johnincrete 07:56 10 May 11

  1. Is it worth buying the full version?
    1. There are 34 items in the quarantine list. Do I delete them or just leave them.

    2. Takes minutes in C:WINDOWS1/Installer where there are many .msp and .msi files. Can a put these safely in the ignore list?

  Andsome 08:17 10 May 11

Personally I feel that the free version is sufficient. If it has found all that many objects I would do as the program suggests. You can alway reinstate them. In any case you should always have a back up available in ACRONIS or something similar. What firewall and AV are you using? There is now way that my ESET security suite would allow all that lot to slip by.

  wee eddie 09:32 10 May 11

On the quarantine list. Just leave them there, I can't see any advantage in deleting them

  birdface 10:36 10 May 11

If they are in the quarantine list and you have no side effects on your computer since they have been there it should be safe to remove them.

Normally if they are put in there by mistake[false positive]the next update from malwarebytes would have restored them.

Is it worth buying the full version?

Yes the full version will give you full time protection and I understand but may be wrong as far as I know it is a one off payment.

If you are thinking about purchasing it look for coupon codes where you can get it cheaper.

Remember no Security suite will stop all attack not even Eset that is why you need Anti-Malware programs with full time protection.

In my opinion it is much safer to purchase a good Anti-Malware program than a good anti-virus program.

So any pay for Anti-Malware program and any free anti-virus program should do the trick.

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