Malware Wars - Combatting Malware - Tips

  johndrew 13:47 PM 21 Mar 13

I found this article which may be of help to those concerned about phishing sites and other malware related subjects. It appears to have some good advice on how to check the destination site of any link you may click which should provide a level of protection if used. The link below is safe!!

Malware Wars

  lotvic 13:51 PM 21 Mar 13

Excellent, I like the tip about how to preview shortened URLs to see their true destination.

  johndrew 10:04 AM 23 Mar 13

Thank you lotovic. At least one other person takes note of their security.

  lotvic 11:23 AM 23 Mar 13

Makes you wonder how many click on a shortened url and end up with malware then spend weeks trying to put their pc back to rights. I know I have (maybe?) missed out on viewing a website because of my attitude of wanting to know (and check). Even 'thought known good' websites can get infected and Avast has saved me from that a few times by not allowing page to load.

  Nontek 11:41 AM 23 Mar 13

Thanks, most interesting - and helpful!

  caccy 12:31 PM 23 Mar 13

Thanks for the info. Have pasted the main data into a wordprocessor and filed it on my desktop.


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