Malware ? in PC advisor download

  BazC 10 Jul 12

I loaded alcpu/coretemp (PC ADvisor p106 August) and the following appeared in my registry: searchresultsDX.dll, startapps.ex and PCOptimizer Pro. Startapps is a google recognised malware.

Anyone else have that problem?


ps had to do a system restore to get rid

  buteman 10 Jul 12

Have a read here to see if any information that is helpful.

Some really bad reviews for it and Maybe you should E-mail the FE to see if he can look into the problem.

  Matt Egan 10 Jul 12

Okay, so the first thing to say is that this is not a 'PC Advisor download' - by which I mean that you've installed a program recommended by our Helproom editor, not downloaded a program from our Downloads site or cover disc. (I appreciate that this isn't an especially helpful start, but you'll understand that I have to be defensive when there is a thread entitled 'Malware in PC Advisor download' - we scan and rescan every download we provide.)

I've just installed Core Temp on my own PC, from the URL provided in the magazine, without any problems - although the installer did attempt to install a revenue-generated Ask search toolbar and the aforementioned 'PCOptimizer Pro'. 'startapps.ex' (nor 'startapps.exe') cannot be found on my machine. I've run a malware scan and nothing has been found, either.

This is not to say that installing Core Temp from the URL provided is guaranteed to be secure, or didn't cause your problem, just that I cannot replicated your problem. Paul Monckton also installed the program in writing his Helproom response, and he also had no problem. It's worth pointing out that Core Temp is available to download from other, respectable, downloads sites, including Cnet's

So, is it possible this known malware came from something else you installed, or even another means?

  buteman 10 Jul 12

The other one looks like it is for the ASk toolbar.

Do you have that on your computer as well.

Sometimes when downloading programs they come bundled with other programs and if you do not want to download them you just untick them.

I assume that is what you did.

  Matt Egan 10 Jul 12

...It may be worth me pointing out that I prevented 'PCOptimizer Pro' from installing, during the install process, by unclicking the relevant tick box. I did this because I didn't want a program I didn't ask for, and I hate when software vendors do that. But it's possible that is the cause of your unwanted Registry entry? (In fact, I'd wager good money on it, as presumably 'startapps' is designed to do something to your startup process, which is the sort of thing PC 'optimisers' often do.)

  Matt Egan 10 Jul 12

Or: what Buteman said!

  buteman 10 Jul 12

Oops should have checked before I posted.

  BazC 10 Jul 12

It's possible I wasn't checking closely enough on what came with the download. That's why I find winpatrol so useful.

It might be worth a cautionary note to tell users that they need to double check for any tick boxes.

System restore solved the problem. Thanks all

  buteman 10 Jul 12


Update for Winpatrol available if you have not already installed it.


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