highside 20 Oct 12

Hi,I ran Malwarebytes and it found a virus and it has been quarantined, what is the difference between quarantine and the option to delete it? Also does the program remove the offender for good or will it keep returning.

file is Pup.bundleoffer and was listed under as freefileviewer in user downloads.


  Nontek 20 Oct 12

Once quarantined your PC is safe, I have never heard of anything escaping. However, you can click on Delete All in the Quarantine Tab in MalwareBytes, which is what I always do.

  highside 20 Oct 12

Thanks. Why isnt it simply deleted in the first place?

  Nontek 20 Oct 12

A good question, one I am afraid to which I do not have an answer!

I could guess, that perhaps that gives the programmers of the security systems, more time to study the rascal and work out a defense for future use!

Though my guess is probably totally wrong

  Pine Man 20 Oct 12

I think you'll find that the reason viruses aren't deleted immediately is because security software isn't infallible and what it thinks maybe malware could be perfectly safe. Once it is quarantined you have the choice of checking it out and then taking the appropriate action, which could actually mean reinstalling it because it's perfectly safe.

  Nontek 20 Oct 12

I too agree with Pineman, and as far as False-positives are concerned, I reckon it is always best to err on the side of caution.

  highside 22 Oct 12

Thanks for all replies, annoying that Norton gives a clean health check when a free program finds a (seemingly) problem.

  onthelimit1 22 Oct 12

PUP = Potentially Unwanted Programme, so it may have been innocuous which is why Norton ignored it.


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