pcdimwit 23 Jun 11

I have some (HUGE) sized photos (about 3-4mb each) that I want to make much smaller (but keeping the original hi-res large size ones) for attaching to emails etc., how can I do this, I was sure there was a window that opens on my windows XP laptop with a "custom" setting to make photos smaller at one click but I cant seem to find it now, in Vista if I click on the photo I get a window with lots of options and if I click on "edit" it brings up the window with how to crop, alter brightness contrast etc., but nothing to downsize the photo, I do have paint.net programme but cant find an option to make a small size (+/- 200kb) photo from the original, what do you suggest, and if its possible in paint.net what do I have to do?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 Jun 11

Jpg is probably the smallest size you can save as.

Open the photo in your photo editing program and choose save as - select .jpg from the file type list.

you will then have a copy of the original photo saved as a jpeg file just attach the jpeg version to your email

  Nontek 23 Jun 11

I too am using XP, if I want to send a photo by email I simply right-click on the photo in My Pictures and then choose 'Send to' and then 'email recipient' - a window then opens giving me the choice to make the photo smaller for sending.

  scotty 23 Jun 11

I use Irfanview. It is a convienient viewer for nmerous types of image and it provides baisc editting features. It has batch editting which allows multiple images to be processed. You can re-size in various ways. link to Irfanview site

  pcdimwit 23 Jun 11

Ah, found it in Paint on windows in accessories, difficult to open in Vista but found the way to do it on the tabs in paint (and also in paint.net) its made a 3.2mb foto to an acceptable pic of 97kb!!! great!!! thanks PCDIMWIT

  muddypaws 23 Jun 11

free one here. Have ised it for years. Switch on/off as requiredShrinkpic

  muddypaws 23 Jun 11

Try again! = used link text

  muddypaws 23 Jun 11


Have they changed the link procedure? Doing what I have done for the last few weeks and doesn't work.

  HondaMan 23 Jun 11

Microsoft do a little prog which does just that. It resizes both upwards and downwards and it's free. BUT, I can't recall the name. If ypou search the MS site you should find it. In the meantime, I'll have a dekko.

I think it's part of the Powertoys setup.

  HondaMan 23 Jun 11

Try here http://www.bing.com/search?q=Microsoft+Photo+Resizer&FORM=QSRE

  Woolwell 23 Jun 11

In Vista you can use Windows Photo Gallery to shrink photos before attaching them to e-mails. Open the photo in the gallery click on e-mail and a window opens allowing you to choose several different sizes and shows the file size too. This option is also available in Windows Live Photo Gallery.


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