making a page stretch to accomodate page content

  lonemascot 09 Oct 10

I'm using fireworks to make a page layout with buttons that switch from different states etc.

The page layout is similar in principle to pcadvisors layout. Header at the top with image buttons on the side instead of text. With a main area to fill with page content.

When i export the page into dreamweaver i get the page as i should. but when i put a lot of text in the main area the page increases in length but the buttons on the left hand side start to space themselves out.

I want them to stay at the top with a spacer type image that grows to fill the expanding hole automatically. Ive read that using a % size won't work in all browsers and by using a specific size limits my page template to that size.

If this makes no sense i will try to put the page online so you can see what im talking about.


  lonemascot 09 Oct 10

heres a link to the page click here

  lonemascot 09 Oct 10

The table is automatically generated as a result of importing the fireworks file with the slices. If the left border below the links was a solid colour I could just make the cell background that colour and it would be fine.

However, I want to know how to get the image to automatically size itself to fill the space available.

There must be a way other than this CSS route which I know nothing about anyway.

  lonemascot 10 Oct 10

Scrap that last comment, I've been doing a few CSS tutorials and although its a bit foreign to me now I can see that its going to be the dogs danglys. Plus i can still use my fireworks layout and just set up a CSS page to compliment it.


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