Making my PC remember eBay log in details

  musicbassman 14:10 18 Jan 06

I posted a query about this last July and nobody came up with an answer, so I'll try again!
Although the 'remember my details' box is ticked on the eBay log in page I have to reenter my password each time I access the site. And recently I have to also reenter my user name each time - seems eBay thinks I'm a guest user and I get the guest user page every time.
I don't have this problem with other sites I'm registered with, including this one.
Anyone come across this?
I'm using IE6 and XP.

  Stuartli 14:20 18 Jan 06

My e-Bay username and password are always remembered and I can also use the facility to maintain the logon throughout the day if necessary.

I use Firefox so can't really comment on IE as I haven't used it, apart from an odd occasion, for about nine months and definitely not with e-Bay.

The only thing I can suggest is that you check IE's Tools>Internet Options>Content tab and AutoComplete - it's the latter which maintains form field entries etc.

  rods 14:24 18 Jan 06

Music Man, do you regulary clear your internet history and delete cookies etc? or use a program such as CCleaner which clears all history and other files not needed?

If so when you log in to Ebay it will obviously ask for your account details again as it has been erased.

Just a thought

  musicbassman 14:38 18 Jan 06

No, I don't use autocomplete but other sites remember my details with no problems.
rods -
Thanks for your comment - no, I rarely do this, but I do log into eBay 3-4 times a day and I have to complete all my details every time.

  rods 14:51 18 Jan 06

Mmm, rearly strange that.

Sometimes i have to renter my password, but not my username.

Hope you sort it

  €dstowe 15:06 18 Jan 06

Am I correct in thinking that eBay is a secure site (https)? If it is, you're probably better off by your machine not remembering your password.

  musicbassman 21:02 18 Jan 06

Edstowe -
Yes, it is a secure site, and I can understand having to reenter my password, but having to reenter my user name each time as well is a pain, and I'm curious as to why I have to do this.

  Stuartli 21:07 18 Jan 06

Such a feature has to be enabled, otherwise there could be security risks if other people have access to your system.

  cyberphobic 21:11 18 Jan 06

As suggested earlier you need to enable autocomplete - it clearly says it is used for web addresses, Forms, user names and passwords on forms and prompts to save passwords. Try it I think you'll find it's the answer

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