kwil2 02:00 11 Aug 08

I've a number of DVD's containing many MP3 tracks.
I'm running XP Home SP2 and Office 97.
I want to create a list of MP3's within Excel but can't seem to export the info I need from the DVD's to create a list I can add to at will.
The list only needs to hold the following info:
Artist - Track Name/Time - Source eg DVD 1/2/3/etc
Can anyone either:
1)suggest how to do this using Excel
2)or suggest any software (preferably free) that can do this with ease
Many thanks

  daxian 13:50 11 Aug 08

hi kwil2....
i use a program called print folders which does the job for me ,its not free but a trial version is available from:click here

give it a try, see if its what you need .Dave

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