making individually scanned pages a whole document

  kenwyn 07:39 21 Feb 09

Long story short - I wrote a 300 page story in word and (luckily) printed a draft copy. The PC got a virus and I had to reformat the hard drive, losing the Word document. The only way to get the manuscript back into the PC for further editing etc, is to scan it, page by page, (using Abby fine reader) This saves each page as an individual word document. How can I let Word know that each page sequentially follows the last and they are all part of the same document?



  Jollyjohn 08:05 21 Feb 09

2 options - 1st is there a setting to scan multiple pages before converting?

2nd - a bit slower - copy and paste each page into a single document, saving after each paste, just in case.

  BT 08:18 21 Feb 09

If you have saved them as .txt files from Abbyy, double click each file so that it opens in Notepad.
Edit>Select all

In Word open a new document
Put the cursor at the end of the pasted text and do the next file which will the be inserted at the cursor position.
A bit long winded but it works I just tried it!

  Taff™ 08:26 21 Feb 09

In Abbyy 6.0 which came with my scanner there is a setting on the Process Menu called "Scan & Read Multiple Images" which saves the OCR output to one Word File. I suggest you work on a chapter at a time and then combine them later using cut and paste.

  BT 08:35 21 Feb 09

Perhaps you should save them on an external drive or USB stick this time. You won't want to do all this more than once :-)

  kenwyn 09:45 21 Feb 09

2 other computers in the house that I could/should have backed up onto - lesson well & truly learned!

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