making home videos smaller

  pete h 10:53 17 Oct 07

hya, i hope someone can help me. i recently bought a new digital camera that lets you make short videos. when i download the videos onto my computer and send them to other ppl, it takes hours and the video is massive. is there a way to reduce the size of it so i can send it normally?

  Quiet Life 10:56 17 Oct 07

Windows Movie Maker lets you decide the max. size you wish and renders the clip to that size.

  pete h 11:01 17 Oct 07

thanks quiet life but i need some help here, can u be a bit more explicit on how to use it?

  anchor 12:12 17 Oct 07

This is a duplicate posting:

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You would receive better help if you keep it to one thread.

I asked you what format your videos are in; Windows movie maker does not accept all.

  pete h 12:22 17 Oct 07

its AVI

  anchor 12:35 17 Oct 07

OK; then Windows Movie Maker will do the job excellently.

I hope that you have Windows Movie Maker on your PC. If should be in your start menu programmes.

If needed, double check in,

C:\program files\Movie Maker

(that where it is on my Windows XP).

Come back and confirm you have it installed.

  pete h 12:47 17 Oct 07

yes mate i have it on my desktop now

  anchor 13:10 17 Oct 07

OK; lets start.

Open windows movie maker, then click on import video; (I assume that you already have the AVI files somewhere on your PC). Find the folder where the file is, and select the video file you are going to work on. Click on it, and WMM will import it, breaking it up into clips. Drag them down onto the video time line.

You can now edit them if you wish, adding titles, fade-ins and fade outs; other effects are also available; (see "other effects" on the menu).

When you are satisfied with the result, you have a choice. You can "save to my computer", selecting the final size, or "send in e-mail".

The resultant file will be in WMV format, and can be played on Windows Media Player, (which everyone has as a part of Windows).

Its very easy, and very effective. Remember, the more compression you give, and the smaller the file is, then quality will be reduced. Do a few test runs and see for yourself.

Let us know how it goes.

  pete h 14:04 17 Oct 07

thanks mate will do it and get back to you.

  anchor 14:28 17 Oct 07

Hope all goes well; I am sure it will.

Personally, I prefer to save to my computer, selecting various compressions, finally choosing one that is a compromise between size and quality. I then add this file to my e-mail message. Choosing "send in e-mail" gives you no options.

I also bear in mind if my recipient has broadband, or still on old 56k dial up.

  pete h 15:41 17 Oct 07

i think i did it, dragged it into the bottom then stop start it every now and again, then saved to my computer and it reduced it a million times. thanks mate i owe u one


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