Making form fields required when validating

  lonemascot 08 Mar 10

I have a form which I have made using DW CS4. I also have a standard PHP script which I got off the internet. click here for a link to another post with the PHP script I used.

I have put this form on my server for testing click here. please be aware it is not finished and is why it looks as such.

I have 3 problems so far.

1) The list menu that has the title fields in it will allow the form to be submitted even if the 'please select...' field is highlighted. How do i make that field an invalid entry?

2) If a value is inputted into the 'side measurement' field then I want to make sure that a selection has to be made from the 'edge' list menu. How do I do an 'if not blank then require selection' command for validation?

3) I want users to tick a checkbox stating that they agree to my T&C's. At the moment the form can be submitted even if the checkbox is left unticked. I can just say 'if you click submit you agree to my T&C's' but I would like to have the user actively click an agreement. Plus I'd be interested in knowing how it was done anyway.

I have used spry validation on these relevant fields and have added a 'validate form' behavior. Obviously, I'm missing something and I need help. I'm not a web designer by trade, I'm a builder so forgive me if its an obvious fix.


  lonemascot 21 Mar 10



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