Making changes to source code

  janeyd 21 Jan 13

I want to save the Google Analytic snippet code to my website but it won't save. I access code by right click and view source code, I then paste snippet just before final tag and save, but when I come out and go back in code has disappeared. Can you help with what I am doing wrong? Thanks

  Forum Editor 21 Jan 13

When you say that you "access code by right click and view source code" what exactly do you mean - are you doing this in a web browser?

You can't insert Google analytics code snippets that way, it must be done via your site design application, whichever one you're using. Most good WYSIWYG web design applications have a menu option to "insert code snippet", which is how you deal with the analytics code. Either that, or you can insert the snippet in the application's 'Code view' mode.

  jonasmarsh621 22 Jan 13

View source code is like inspect element right? Or am I wrong?

  janeyd 22 Jan 13

Thank you for your help. Yes I was trying to access through web browser. Unfortunately the company that set up the web site has gone into liquidation so I cannot ask them for help. I can access back-end for editing text and pictures etc. but can't see how I can view code for the whole page. Is this possible or am I going to have to start again with the whole site?

  Forum Editor 22 Jan 13

As fourm member says, you'll need to download the site files into some web design software before you can make any amendments or additions to the html pages.

We can talk you through the process if you like, but you'll need to get software first. If you post a link to your site one of us may be able to tell you which software was used to design it originally.


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