Make Subfolders View Same as Folder View

  dav_35 11:27 20 Sep 04

I have a large collection of clipart in 500 subfolders under a main folder called Clipart.

Is there a quick way of making all these sub folders the same view i.e. Thumbnails in Windows Explorer (Classical View). OS is Windows XP Pro SR1

  watchful 11:52 20 Sep 04

You may find something in Tools/Folder Options.

  Eric10 13:18 20 Sep 04

Just to elaborate on watchful's answer. Set your folder to thumbnail view then go to Tools, Folder Options, View tab, and click the button marked "Apply to All Folders".

  dav_35 12:02 29 Sep 04

Thanks Eric 10. I perhaps did not explain myself very well. I only wanted the subfolders under the clip art folder to be changed to thumb nails not all the folders on this drive. David

  watchful 13:23 29 Sep 04

If you open your Clipart folder to show all your sub-folders then go to Edit and choose, Select all, then go to View and choose thumbnails for instance, then all the folders will change together.
Hope this helps.

  Sethhaniel 13:42 29 Sep 04

click here

Windows can only remember 200 local folders at a time - so its to the registry ;)

  dav_35 10:54 02 Oct 04

Many thanks Sethhanie and watchful using a combination of your suggestions turned out to be successful.
Cheers David

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